Boston Curb Alert & Curb Alert Me (2016-2022)


About the Project

In August 2016, I embarked on a captivating project called Boston Curb Alert. The concept was straightforward yet impactful: leverage social media to aggregate unwanted household items during the September 1st moving period.

The platform's mission was to organize discarded household items commonly left on curbsides during peak moving periods, using Twitter and community-generated content.

Originally, I intended to create feeds for 2-3 city areas, but the overwhelming demand prompted me to expand to 12 Boston area neighborhoods.

From conception to launch, I accomplished this project in just under 1 week.

📈 Notable Achievements:

  • Developed 12 social feeds for various Boston neighborhoods.
  • Created 30 custom pages to enhance user experience.
  • Gained a following of 900 Twitter followers.
  • Garnered an impressive 5,500 unique visitors in the first week alone.
  • Achieved more than 10,000 page views!

🌐 Evolution and Expansion:

Following the success of Boston Curb Alert, I extended the same powerful formula to 6 other major cities across the U.S.:

  • Austin
  • Boulder
  • Chicago
  • Portland
  • Washington DC

Please Note:

As of 2022, this transformative project has been retired.