About Jack

About Jack

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Jack is an accomplished digital, social & community strategist recognized for creating amazing experiences on and offline. Combines Fortune 500, startup, and agency experience with strategic and tactical thinking to develop, grow, retain, and transform digital communities into loyal users and brand evangelists. Deep understanding of the human perspective, consumer interactions, and how to bridge the gap between businesses and their users. High energy, creative leader with strong interpersonal skills and an entrepreneurial mindset.

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Jack DeManche is a digital, social & community strategist based in Boston, MA. Combining user intelligence, brand objectives, and creative problem solving, he contributes to the strategic thinking that helps create awe-inspiring experiences across the digital landscape. He is currently serving as the Associate Director of Digital Strategy at PRECISIONeffect. He’s worked at P&G (Gillette), MMI Agency, Allen & Gerritsen, CO Everywhere, and at Dailybreak Media (acquired) where he managed brand digital strategy, community experience, and built digital campaigns for clients like McDonald's, Bud Light, Chevrolet, and more. He specializes in digital, social, and community strategy, content development, esports programming, brand partnerships, and consumer experience.

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Once, a very cute kid


Recently married to @kelliiiannn


Often found traveling for wine


Sadly, becoming an aging hipster

Some Nice Things Said About Jack

“His enthusiasm is infectious as he brings a refreshing upbeat and optimistic approach to his work. His passion for media and incredible understanding of the social landscape, and more impressively his innate understanding of how to engage with consumers, is remarkable.” - Casey R.

“During my time working with Jack, I was continuously amazed by his work ethic, creativity, and ability to contribute great ideas on a consistent basis. He is extremely knowledgeable about social media and I was able to learn a lot from him during our projects.” — Jesse M.

“Jack is a good thinker with perceptive skills that match his equally well-honed written, oral, and interpersonal skills. He is creative, hard-working, and dedicated.” — Jarice H.

“He’s very nice and super handsome and really smart!” — Jack's Mom

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